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Distrolist update. New releases + release section updated. For quick view use this link : RELEASES



Distrolist update. Massive vynil update and lowered some CD prices. For quick view use this link : DISTRIBUTION



Distrolist update. Massive vynil update and lowered some CD prices. For quick view use this link : DISTRIBUTION



Distrolist update. New CDs, LPs, and more to come. Check the section DISTRIBUTION.






Nase distro bude dostupne v Košiciach 24.5.2014 na Roxor Thrash Fest.

We will bring our stuff at Roxor Thrash Fest in Košice.

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" I fall into 
the spaceless space
the timeless time 
the endless end
neither here nor there
above or below
into the night I go "


All glory dedicated to Selim Lemouchi of The Devils Blood, who found his vessel to the land of no Return in March of this year.



Distrolist update. New items in stock : CD - Majster Kat - Memento, Bajonet, Hellocaustor, Tyranizer, Hejtman - Underground Elite, Bajonet - Batldres.

Rite of Evil festival is postponed.



Distrolist update. Rite of Evil Festival will continue and we will probably make another one during weekend in October. More info soon.



Distrolist update + few DVDs added.



Distrolist has been added to section DISTRIBUTION featuring CDs and LPs. Cassettes and other formats will be available in later. When you want to order, write to ilwsprod@gmail.com with ordered items and wait for information about availability. 




Website has been launched after a long break. All e-mails sent to info or trade@ilwsprod.com are lost as we don`t have any back-up. Also all data has been lost for the same reason, and we have to built our page from beginning. All the correspondecne send please to a new e-mail address, which will be announced in future. To the date, use my old one : ilwsprod@gmail.com. We will also add CONCERT section, where we will inform you about next gigs etc.


To traders/labels/customers : We deeply appologize to every customer/label that has not been served, we had true reasons for our inactivity. Distrolist with download option will be add in few days with complete list of CD and LP. MCs will come later. Some major changes has been realized in our label : We have closed tradings all formats, we trade only EVERY FORMAT against VYNIL. It means we offer totally everything, but we demand vynil release on exchange only (at fair rate, of course). If you do not agree with this, there is always option to buy things, at wholesale prices. There will be some official distribution of some titles, which you will find written separately in DISTRIBUTION section.


Thx and all hail Death !









SATANIC VOMIT - Vomit Complete (2016)

Regular tapes, 50 copies pressed.